If you are interested in purchasing a property in Greece we would like to welcome you to our website. Our real estate company is in the city of Korinthos in Corinthia region in Greece, which is just 4km from Loutraki and 80 km from Athens.

At Greece Home Invest we are able to offer you a wide range of properties with prices to meet all requirements from single room apartments to detached villas. We are also able to assist you with all of the issues that will affect your purchase of your ideal property.  We can help you to buy a property anywhere in Greece whether you are looking for it to be near a holiday area  for example Corfu or one of our areas of historic interest for example, Athens with the Acropolis or Meteora with its historic monasteries.  

Greece is steeped in history and it is praised worldwide for its ancient monuments and sculptures which have been recorded by our writers and poets. It’s the birthplace of democracy, art, and the Olympic games, it is full of history, philosophy and culture. Greece has a very active night life with picturesque beaches, washed by the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas.The hospitality of our people is world renowned, and our wines and cuisine once tasted are never forgotten.

With property prices currently at a bargain level you will be able to invest in your own future happiness and receive an income which can, with rising returns on your capital, build for you a viable property portfolio. With breathtaking landscapes and an atmosphere of rest and pleasure, you are able to forget your worries, problems and anxieties and immerse yourself in the magical ways and pleasures of our world.  

It is ALL IN YOUR HANDS and with ‘Greece Home Invest’ at your side you can choose the style position and price of property you dream of.


The Corinthia region of Greece is famous for its radon thermal springs at Loutraki (4km from Korinthos), with a history going back at least 3000 years. This thermal water, which is therapeutic helps with arthritis, arthrosis, lumbago, diseases of a musculoskeletal system, it is also beneficial for skin diseases (podagra, eczema, psoriasis, etc.), diseases of the nervous system (neuralgia, insomnia, etc.), which relieve tension and stress. When a complete treatment is undertaken at Loutraki Thermal Spa - (pool or bathtub hydrotherapy – hydro massage, sauna, steam bath, mud therapy and a wide range of massages, different programs of body and face care, manicure, pedicure) and this is combined with swimming in unique and very pure sea at Loutraki, who's water structure is rich in  seaweeds with iodine. Drinking from the Radon springs is known to help with kidney diseases, cholelithiasis, arthritis, etc.