We will accompany you and give you the benefit of the experience of Greece Home Invest, and our local knowledge will help you to acquire the property that you desire. In Greece there is no restriction on the ownership of property by foreign nationals and many foreigners own property in Greece.

We offer to you the following services:

 - The finding and introduction to you through our real estate office premises within Greece whether on the mainland or any of its many islands.

- To negotiate with owners or property developers in the local language,

- consultation and advice on all issues relating to your purchase,

- we are able to arrange for the renting out or lease of you property whether for holiday or residential purposes,

- introduction to a legal advisor who will help you on all legal matters relating to your purchase

- We can assist you  in obtaining a local mortgage

- We are able to offer to you translation services in Greek, English, Russian from our own staff and all other translation will be done through a local translation service

Steps required for the purchase of your dream home: