Corinthia (in Greek: Κορινθία) — prefecture in Greece, in Peloponnese. The capital of the region is Korinthos (Corinth), with a population of 154 624 (2001) residents, with an area - 2290 km². The climate is – temperate Mediterranean, with a hot summer and a mild winter. Quantity of sunny days per year: 340. Humidity is 50-60%.



Corinthia consists of six municipalities:

  1. Korinthos
  2. Velo -Voxa
  3. Loutraki - Agion Feodoron
  4. Nemea
  5. Xylokasrtro - Evrostina
  6. Sicyon

Access to all cities, towns and mountain villages of Corinthia is very easy; you can travel by car (National Road Athens-Korinthos), by train (suburban railway). The distance from Athens is very short, it’s about 80km from Loutraki and 85 from Korinthos, while from the famous mountain villages of Stymfalia to Athens is about 150 km.