GREECE HOME INVEST provides the following services:

  • – offer the real estate properties;
  • – advice on all emerging issues;
  • – registration of the purchase of real estate;
  • – rental;
  • – legal and notarial support;
  • – providing advice related to your private property or general issues of the residence in the country;
  • – assistance in opening a bank account in Greece;
  • – assistance in obtaining a mortgage;
  • – translation services;
  • – repair services

Steps required for the purchase of property:

1) Preliminary selection
According to your individual requirements we will find the most suitable property for you, helping you with any additional information you may need, advising you on the process of buying, selling or leasing in Greece, as well as arranging for you meeting with a legal representative to protect your investment.

2) Property viewing
The best way to get acquainted with the property and the region in which it is located is to visit and inspect it yourself through your visiting Greece. The buyer will need to pay their own costs including Visa (if required), flights and accommodation. We can recommend a local hotel to you according to your needs. We can meet you at the airport and go you to your hotel, collect and show you the properties you wish to view.
In addition it’s possible for us to arrange for you the excursions of local sites of interest.

3) Legal review of property
A lawyer will conduct a legal review of the property you wish to buy, checking it in the Regional Land Registry Office and in the Mortgage Office in order to clarify:
1. The rights of the owner of the property.
2. Any legal encumbrances, claims, arrest, mortgages etc. of the property.
3. To ensure that all of the required taxes have been paid.
You should NEVER buy a property without this legal review.

4) Reservation
If you wish to reserve a property you will need to pay a deposit to reserve it. It may be made by cash or Bank transfer and is retained by the Lawyers until the transaction is complete. This also reserves the property for you. If the deal is cancelled through the fault of the buyer then you will lose the deposit. If the deal is cancelled through the fault of the seller, the deposit will be returned to the buyer.
All the process will be controlled by the Lawyers for both parties.

5)Technical inspection of the property

The technical inspection of the property and the issuance of relevant documents for the implementation of the contract of purchase and sale is carried out by a civil engineer.

6) Conclusion of a preliminary contract
If there are no legal or technical obstacles, it is possible to draw up a preliminary notarized contract for the property sale and an advance payment could be made (by agreement of the parties). This agreement determines the value of the property, the conditions for its payment, as well as penalties in case of failure to sign the final notarized contract of purchase and sale of real estate.

7)Real Estate Transfer Tax Payment
The notary prepares the contract and makes sure that he has all the necessary documents. Then he informs the buyer about the transfer tax payment. If the buyer does not have a VAT – Tax Registration Number of Greece, it must be obtained from the local tax authority.

8) Conclusion of the main contract of purchase and sale
Conclusion of the main contract of purchase and sale
The contract of purchase and sale in accordance with Greek law must be concluded in the presence of a notary and a lawyer. The lawyer represents the interests of the buyer and provides legal support for the transaction. The notary draws up a contract and certifies the legality of the transaction. The contract is the main document, which proves the ownership of a real estate. The buyer should pay all the value of the property to become the owner.
Then the lawyer is engaged in the state registration of real estate in the Cadastral Department, which confirms the ownership.
The entire paperwork process takes about 2 weeks, unless special permission from the authorities is required.
You may give to your representative a power of attorney so that he could register the property and pay all of the fees due to the various parties to the contract.
As an addition service, an official translation of the contract is possible, as well as all documents can be translated into the buyers own language.